Month: August 2012

The Gift of Self Denial

Sometimes the greatest gifts God gives us in life are those that most people would run from. Francis Chan once said, “Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers.” What a follower of Christ would see as a treasure from God, the… Continue Reading “The Gift of Self Denial”

Father Knows Best

There are two things in life that God uses extensively as a model to teach us about himself. The first being marriage. What better platform could God have given us where we practice unconditional love, forgiveness, unity, and selflessness. The second is parenthood. God… Continue Reading “Father Knows Best”

Pushing Deeper

Do you ever stop and just fathom how extraordinarily big God is? Just look at the complexity of our own solar system. Scientists have estimated that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies beyond our own milky way. And encased in each of those… Continue Reading “Pushing Deeper”

Spiritual Mouse Traps

The subtle messages that are all around us and ingrained within the fabric of our culture are slowly coaxing mindless masses of people into a slow, spiritual death. I heard one pastor remark that modern day culture is Satan’s pulpit from which he delivers damning… Continue Reading “Spiritual Mouse Traps”