Month: December 2012

Fail Proof New Year Resolutions

This used to be my favorite time of year. Four years ago, my wife and I owned a gym. And January 1 is a gym owners bread and butter. Each new year, people treat the 1st of January as sort of a reboot in their… Continue Reading “Fail Proof New Year Resolutions”

Our Satisfaction Found in God’s Glory

Christmas morning has come and gone. All of the presents that were once so neatly wrapped and displayed so picture perfectly under the tree have now been opened and scattered all around the house. And at least in our household, the toys that were… Continue Reading “Our Satisfaction Found in God’s Glory”

To Those Who Have Lost…God is Enough

When my kids hear the word, “Walmart” mentioned in our house, its like this really weird chemical reaction happens in their little bodies. They can be in the worst of moods, arguing with each other, and complaining because they don’t want to do homework.… Continue Reading “To Those Who Have Lost…God is Enough”

Darkness in Connecticut, Light in Christ

There is something about the night sky that has always amazed me. On a dark night, it can almost be pitch black outside. It can be so absolutely dark that it would make no difference if your eyes were opened or shut. Because in… Continue Reading “Darkness in Connecticut, Light in Christ”

Deceptive Relationships

Little girls love fairy tales. They love the stories of the beautiful princess who falls in love with prince charming that ends with happily ever after. And so from a young age, girls will dream about this type of relationship. It starts with any… Continue Reading “Deceptive Relationships”