Month: April 2013

Eating Spiritual Lego’s

Everything in life points towards God and our relationship with him. I am amazed daily at the ways God teaches me about himself through the simplest situations in life. God reveals things pertaining to our relationship with him through our relationships with others. And… Continue Reading “Eating Spiritual Lego’s”

Climbing the Mountain

A noted pastor once told a story about two men who were terribly overweight. They had built a life of consuming all which brought them pleasure, and had come to realize that due to their over consumption  they were in terrible danger of losing their… Continue Reading “Climbing the Mountain”

Why We Are Never Satisfied

One of the most motivating needs known to man is that of thirst. It is a need that must be met, an urge that must be satisfied, and if we are thirsty enough, we will do almost anything to satisfy this lack of hydration… Continue Reading “Why We Are Never Satisfied”

Loving Jesus in Truth, Not Lies

I met my wife Lacy in the Summer of 2000. I was sitting in Sunday School class when she walked in the back door. She was the new girl, and I immediately knew I had to meet her. It wasn’t long after our initial meeting that… Continue Reading “Loving Jesus in Truth, Not Lies”