Month: February 2015

No Salvation Without Regeneration

The Lord gives small gifts to His children. It is a good thing for a man or woman to have passions, as long as we enjoy these gifts in light of the one who gives. People that are passionate about cooking can praise each… Continue Reading “No Salvation Without Regeneration”

Skinny Kid Motivations

It wasn’t easy growing up with a metabolism that traveled at the speed of light. Yes, I was the skinny kid. The painfully skinny kid of middle school. Although a slender physique does lend itself not having to count calories, it does nothing to… Continue Reading “Skinny Kid Motivations”

Nailed To The Cross “A Sermon Series at First Baptist”

Poverty. Sickness. Strife. Famine. Depression. Heartache. Death. The question is why. We live in a world riddled with conflict. From broken marriages to crimes against humanity, our culture is screaming for salvation from the trials of everyday life. And when the question of why… Continue Reading “Nailed To The Cross “A Sermon Series at First Baptist””

Beautiful Gospel

The greatest danger to Christianity in our world today is not the lost world outside of Christ. We hear this far too often. The church will at times, look on at the outside world in judgement and disgust while patting themselves on the back for their… Continue Reading “Beautiful Gospel”