Month: January 2013

How Do I Know That I’m Truly Saved?

How do you know if you are saved? I mean how do you truly know that you have been forgiven of your sins and have eternal life? Over and over in scripture, the Lord tells us that just two things are required for eternal… Continue Reading “How Do I Know That I’m Truly Saved?”

Follow The Leader, And Lead The Followers

Life is constantly teaching lessons through experiences. I believe this is how the Lord designed it. I can look back on some of the toughest situations Ive been through in life and see God using it to reveal to me something about himself. Things that… Continue Reading “Follow The Leader, And Lead The Followers”

Routine and Chocolate Cake

Imagine for a moment that you had lived your life being stranded on an island. You and your family had been on this remote island, separated from all civilization for your entire life. All you have is a tiny transistor radio where you can hear… Continue Reading “Routine and Chocolate Cake”

Justice Served

Growing up, there were a couple of constants that I could count on each time I went to my grandparents house.  For starters, I could always be sure upon entering their house that the aroma of some sort of pie and or cake would fill the air. … Continue Reading “Justice Served”

Jesus, Train Tables, and Resolutions

My goal was firmly set. I had assessed the situation, and was excited about the notion of doing this on my own. It was Christmas Eve night of 2010. My new years resolution had come early. Id resolved to put together my five year… Continue Reading “Jesus, Train Tables, and Resolutions”