Month: November 2014

Don’t Live For The Moment, Live For Eternity

This year has made it official. I’m no longer a young man anymore. The white hairs began appearing first just beside my temples, right above my ears. First so scarcely I could hardly notice. Then as the weeks began to pass more and more of their little… Continue Reading “Don’t Live For The Moment, Live For Eternity”

Gathering Together as Believers

There is a verse that has occupied my every thought as of late. One of the most asked questions I receive as a pastor is, “How do I truly know that I am saved?” Some may answer this question by saying back to the… Continue Reading “Gathering Together as Believers”

One Pastor’s Burden; Reckless Abandonment

What is this calling that the true Christian gives their lives to? After we have pledged our lives and our allegiance to Jesus, what then? Do we come to Christ in order to receive grace and mercy? Or do we come to Christ because… Continue Reading “One Pastor’s Burden; Reckless Abandonment”