Month: June 2013

A Recipe For Biblical Missions

I loved my grandmothers chocolate pudding growing up. Now you may think that all pudding is alike, but you’ve never tasted my grandmothers recipe. To put it as humble as I know how, its spectacular! She passed away years ago, and with her went… Continue Reading “A Recipe For Biblical Missions”

Are You a REAL Man?

The best television shows in my opinion are usually the ones that are in black and white. The simplicity of entertainment without having to rely on gutter humor to get a laugh is just appealing to me. My absolute favorite television show is The… Continue Reading “Are You a REAL Man?”

The Church; Dearest Place on Earth

When you think of church, what is it that immediately comes to mind? Do you begin to think of a Sunday morning duty that must be checked off, watching the clock and counting down the seconds until the preacher finishes? Is it just something… Continue Reading “The Church; Dearest Place on Earth”

A Proper View of Prayer

The Christian life is one of constant repentance. Constant, meaning everyday. The day we stop repenting is the day we stop growing in Christ. In fact, praying for God to reveal areas in our lives that are in need of change should be a… Continue Reading “A Proper View of Prayer”