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Unlawful Legalism

The pharisees were notorious for drawing lines of separation. They thought themselves to be more righteous and holy than others due the level of their own self perceived piety. Not only did they strive to obey God’s law, which is what we as Christians… Continue Reading “Unlawful Legalism”

When Unity at All Cost is Too Costly

The dust has not yet begun to settle in the aftermath of this year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Anaheim California and already, questions as to the future of the convention are emerging. Although the popular slogan ‘Better Together’ was touted numerous times last week… Continue Reading “When Unity at All Cost is Too Costly”

Who is Jesus?

If you were to ask ten different people this question, you are likely to get ten very different answers. The catholic will say that Jesus is the Son of God, but He cannot fully save without our contribution of works. The Hindu will say… Continue Reading “Who is Jesus?”

Conspiracy Cautions

If we are not careful to let the scriptures shape our thinking, we will say things about God and His church that are anti Biblical. This is especially true when we believers endure trials in their lives. The book of James reminds God’s people… Continue Reading “Conspiracy Cautions”

Covid-19; God’s Knife or Scalpel?

A few days ago as I scrolled through the television channels, I came across a very well known televangelist. Of course, he was using his platform to speak about the Covid-19 pandemic. In his sermon, he was blurring together the virus and Satan. This… Continue Reading “Covid-19; God’s Knife or Scalpel?”

‘Now What?’ The Reality of the Resurrection

This morning, as we leave yesterday’s celebration of the resurrection, many Christians can be left with a sense of sadness. We greatly look forward to Easter each year, and when it has passed, believers can begin to internally ask, “Now what?” These feelings are heightened now more… Continue Reading “‘Now What?’ The Reality of the Resurrection”

Love Cannot Exist Apart From Wrath

Love cannot exist without wrath. I love children. Therefore if I truly love children, I must by default hate the evils of abortion. I love my family, and if anything or anyone tried to hurt them, they would see my wrath. If you truly… Continue Reading “Love Cannot Exist Apart From Wrath”

Out of Darkness, Light

Throughout history, it was always the darkest periods that served as birth pains to the greatest times of revival. In the mid 1700’s, there was a growing indifference to the things of the Lord. Secular rationalism was being emphasized, and passion for religion had… Continue Reading “Out of Darkness, Light”

Peace in the Midst of Pandemic

Currently we are facing unprecedented times in our world with fear over the Coronavirus and uncertainty over how our economy is going to be affected as a result of this global pandemic. Add to this our frustration as believers not being able to gather… Continue Reading “Peace in the Midst of Pandemic”

The Sufficiency of Scripture

A.W. Tozer once said that Christians don’t tell lies, they just sing them in church. This statement is more accurate than most of us realize. Strangely, there seems to be a glaring disconnect at times between the truths that we profess as believers and… Continue Reading “The Sufficiency of Scripture”