Month: March 2013

In the Absence of Knowledge

It’s so ironic to me that as much as humanity prides itself on its understanding of knowledge, we do not even understand ourselves. Its an absense of the knowledge of our own human nature. And because of this lack of self-awareness, we cannot fully know and… Continue Reading “In the Absence of Knowledge”

What is Christianity to You?

What is your idea of Christianity? When you think of the gospel and what it means to follow Christ, what comes to mind? Is it simply being a good person who follows the “Golden Rule”, doing unto others as you would have them do… Continue Reading “What is Christianity to You?”

The Bible Television Series….A Blessing or a Blasphemey?

This past Sunday night, millions of television viewers tuned in to watch the premiere of the ten-hour mini series, “The Bible.” And the reviews that are being touted are mixed, especially among the evangelical community. My personal feelings on the mini series are mixed. I… Continue Reading “The Bible Television Series….A Blessing or a Blasphemey?”

Has Your Heart Been Pierced?

When I was younger, I never understood why my grandfather got emotional when it came to patriotic services. My grandaddy would always take his old army uniform out of the closet when I visited and begin to share stories of his time in the service. His eyes… Continue Reading “Has Your Heart Been Pierced?”