Month: March 2015

Hunger; The Mark of a True Believer

I love food. There are some people who are timed about trying new things. Not me. This is a trait my kids inherited from me which is seen in our monthly grocery budget. I love meeting new people as well. I know one of… Continue Reading “Hunger; The Mark of a True Believer”

The Faith of a Christian Slave

I was astounded by a recent article I read that was written by Yed Anikpo. Yed is the founder of Christian Apps LLC, a tiny Minneapolis based app company. In his article, Yed gives a brief synopsis of a Christian slave back in the 1700’s named Olaudah… Continue Reading “The Faith of a Christian Slave”

Faith and Repentance

My uncle was one of the strongest men I knew growing up. Every time we went to visit he and my aunt, he would clear the table and challenge me to an arm wrestling match. And even though he was much stronger than I,… Continue Reading “Faith and Repentance”

The Lamb of God

My parents built a new house when my brother and I were in college. The house was in the early phases of construction, basically just a wooden structure, when one night my brother Andy decided he would go check it out. In the dark.… Continue Reading “The Lamb of God”