Book Studies

In 2 Timothy 4:13 the imprisoned Apostle Paul asked young Timothy to bring to him his books, among other things. Reading the writings of faithful saints is a great way of pressing further into knowing the Lord.

Periodically, a book will be selected to study through online. Thoughts and take aways from the books will be written here in a weekly chapter by chapter format. If you wish to purchase these books, a link will be provided to each of them and you are encouraged to study along.

Click on the book studies below. Chapter summaries will be posted each week.

Holiness“Holiness” By J. C. Ryle; Anglican bishop Ryle was convinced that true holiness is not simply a matter of believing and feeling, but of practical doing. As relevant today as it was 130 years ago, his biblically based masterpiece focuses on the daily details and difficulties of holy living and exhorts believers to strive after sanctification, not passively wait for it.

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