By Charlie Parish

The most important question that a person could ever ask is, “How can I be saved?” Unfortunately there are very few who have a Biblical response to this question. Commonly when this question is asked, many professing believers would point to doing good works or praying a sinners prayer. Although good works are part of the Christians new nature, they do not justify us before God. Good works are the fruit of salvation, not the cause.

And though praying to God is never wrong, our words do not have the power to make us righteous before God. Jesus never told His disciples that salvation could be earned through their own human efforts (John 15:5) .  Rather, Jesus said we must do two things. Repent of our sins, and believe (Mark 1:15).

Faith is not achieved through any work of man, but by God alone (Ephesians 2:8). If you or someone you know is asking the question, “How can I be saved?” Repent of your sins, and believe the Gospel (Acts 3:19). Salvation can be found in no other name but Jesus Christ alone (Acts 4:12). Watch this wonderful explanation of the Gospel and salvation by Brother Paul Washer.


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