Month: June 2016

Cultural Christianity or True Christianity?

There is a disconnect between most of modern day Christianity in our culture and Biblical and Historical Christianity. I really began to be bothered by this extreme many years ago. I was raised in the church. Taught the scriptures. And had an understanding that Jesus Christ… Continue Reading “Cultural Christianity or True Christianity?”

Why Water, Wine, Fish, and Loaves?

We live in a postmodern culture, now more than ever. The postmodern world view is built upon and supported by the assumption that there can be no absolute truth in the universe.  Everything boils down to individual opinions, therefore truth is ever-changing and completely… Continue Reading “Why Water, Wine, Fish, and Loaves?”

A Pastor’s Challenge To You

“The real test of our worldview is seen in what entertains us.” -Al Molher This can also be said of our view of God. That in which we find our pleasure tells us much about how we personally view God. It is quite easy to… Continue Reading “A Pastor’s Challenge To You”

The History and Idolatry of Decisionism

The great news of the Gospel is that we have a God in Christ who supernaturally saves sinners. One of the clearest pictures of the relationship between the preacher’s responsibilities in evangelizing and God’s bringing sinners to new life can be seen in the… Continue Reading “The History and Idolatry of Decisionism”

Reformed at The Roots

When we first told our four year old son Luke that he was going to his dentist appointment, tears began to stream down his face. His was petrified. Luke had never been to the dentist and this was to be his first dental cleaning. Initially… Continue Reading “Reformed at The Roots”