Month: August 2013

Misdirected Worship

There are many life lessons that stick with you forever. Usually, these lessons that stick out are the ones that had to be learned the hard way. I have a head full of such lessons. One in particular I experienced while relocating my family… Continue Reading “Misdirected Worship”

The Struggle

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…every step towards the goal requires sacrifice and dedication.” -Martin Luther King Jr. Everything in life worth having requires a struggle. We even have mantra’s we adhere to that affirm our belief in the necessity of the struggle. Phrases… Continue Reading “The Struggle”

Life on Mission

What emotions do you experience when you read the Bible? In Christian circles, its very common to hear people say they feel a peace or a calm when they read the inspired words of God. And I will admit that there are many verses… Continue Reading “Life on Mission”

Just Like Daddy

I love being the father of four boys. They all want to be like their daddy in their own ways.  Andy who is seven years old, and my oldest, watches my every move. Particularly in the areas pertaining to how I take care of… Continue Reading “Just Like Daddy”

Are You on The Team?

I loved attending college at the University of Alabama. The beauty of the campus and the great people there made my tenure at the University a joy to attend. But one of the biggest reasons I loved Alabama was for its prestige and tradition,… Continue Reading “Are You on The Team?”