Month: February 2018

Asaph’s Foibles; Psalm 73

Our two year old little girl has a problem. Her name is Haven, and she is a certified chocoholic. M & M’s, Hershey Kisses, and Kit Kat’s are her drugs of choice. And I’m her dealer. My wife Lacy is very good at telling… Continue Reading “Asaph’s Foibles; Psalm 73”

Knowing God

I recently visited a church that was going Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” study on Wednesday evenings. The book by Blackaby has been a very popular mainstay in many evangelical churches for the past few decades. Although I was familiar with Henry Blackaby and his Experiencing… Continue Reading “Knowing God”

The Purpose of The Church

There are many iconic staples that come to mind when we think of our American culture. Baseball, apple pie, and rock rock and roll, just to name a few. But no cornerstone has embedded itself into mainstream Americana like the fast food restaurant  McDonald’s.… Continue Reading “The Purpose of The Church”