Month: March 2016

Diary of a Dead Man

One of the biggest obstacles to a proper understanding of the Gospel is pride. It is the DNA of our fallen human nature apart from God. And pride can be found most evidently in religious people. The Pharisees were the perfect example of this.… Continue Reading “Diary of a Dead Man”

Is The Grace of God Irresistible?

No Christian would ever deny that God gives grace to sinners. Even the least studied among us would affirm the grace of God. We read about God’s grace in the scriptures, we sing about God’s grace in our hymns, and we praise God for His… Continue Reading “Is The Grace of God Irresistible?”

Three False Statements Made During Easter

We live in a consumerist culture at large. Everything in life is based on our personal preferences. Naturally, we go shopping at the stores that cater to our individual sense of fashion. We go to the restaurants that provide that food choices that tantalize… Continue Reading “Three False Statements Made During Easter”

The Greatest Need of the Church

When I was twelve years old, I was determined that I was going to be a professional skateboarder. I had received a brand new skateboard for my birthday and could successfully ride down my driveway without falling, so in my mind I was totally qualified. To… Continue Reading “The Greatest Need of the Church”