Weekend Roundup (4/20/18)

In my early thirties I stumbled upon a sermon on Matthew 7 via the internet. The Lord used that sermon to radically bring me to a broken realization of my sins and in time bring me to salvation. The preacher of that sermon is an evangelist named Paul Washer, and I would later come to find that his sermon had been titled by many, “The Shocking Youth Sermon.” To this day it is one of the most powerful and convicting sermons that I’ve had the great privilege of hearing. In the video below, Paul Washer looks back on this sermon and recalls its impact and the controversy that surrounded it.

What Made Paul Washer’s Message So Shocking? –The Lord uses sermons to save, stir, and edify his people–and that sometimes he does this through unexpected messages and messengers. Tim Challies takes a closer look at Paul Washer’s “Shocking Message.”

What Is Definite Atonement? — “The atonement is limited in its efficacy to all who believe. I think we can agree on that. But it’s also limited in its eternal design for God’s elect—that Christ laid down His life for His sheep and all for whom Christ died come to Christ, experience His redemption, and are redeemed forever.”

The Remedy For Our Idolatry — “Little children, keep yourselves from idols” (1 John 5:21). If the heart of man is, as John Calvin described it, “an idol-making factory,” then the way in which those idols are destroyed should be of utmost importance to us.”

What Scale Will God Use on Judgement Day? — “The scale Jesus presents has God’s perfection on one side. That’s the standard that it takes to get to Heaven.”

Can a Person’s Family Become an Idol? — “Some people do not have a biblical worldview on the family. For them, the family is always number one regardless. The Bible teaches a different perspective.”

Attending Corporate Worship — “Here are four important—yet underrated—reasons Christians ought to attend the Lord’s Day gathering.”

The Acropolis of the Word of Faith Movement — “The Word of Faith Movement is nothing other than works-based righteousness.”

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