Weekend Roundup (4/27/18)


Pastor Steve Lawson gives a very detailed and concise explanation of the Gospel. If you or someone you know has never heard the Gospel, or perhaps have never understood what Christ accomplished through His life, death, and resurrection, then do not neglect to watch and share this video.

Why Expositional Preaching is Particularly Glorifying to God — “Preaching is not conversation. Preaching is not discussion. Preaching is not casual talk about religious things. Preaching is not simply teaching. Preaching is the heralding of a message permeated by the sense of God’s greatness and majesty and holiness.”

Christian, Are You Growing in Wisdom and Maturity? — “There’s a call on every Christian to grow and keep growing in wisdom and maturity. Are you?

What is Pastoral Preaching? — “Faithful preaching is never disconnected from pastoring. That’s because a pastoral preacher is not merely concerned with the meaning and theology of the text, but also with the particular people to whom he’s preaching.”

The Holiness of God and the Sinfulness of Man — “Two things that every human being absolutely must come to understand are the holiness of God and the sinfulness of man. These topics are difficult for people to face. And they go together.”

The Biblical Importance of Catechizing — “Briefly, why should you catechize yourself and your family? A few reasons to get you thinking…”

Why You Can’t Understand the Bible Without Understanding the Covenants — “If we don’t understand the covenants, we will not and cannot understand the Bible because we wont understand how the story fits together.”

Four Ways Doctrine Impacts Every Day of My Life (And Why the Church Needs it) — “Sound doctrine is good for followers of Jesus. We need to know the truth, which means we must study the truth.”

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