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Word Play

The one thing I could not stand when I as a child was when people corrected my grammar. I can still hear my fifth grade teacher say, “Pay attention to your choice of words and their meaning before you speak.” I could have understood… Continue Reading “Word Play”

Divine Family Tree

This blog is sort of a part two to yesterdays blog regarding how God saves. In my previous blog, I wrote about two specific forms of theology that deal with the concept of salvation and more specifically, predestination. The word predestination alone has caused… Continue Reading “Divine Family Tree”

How Am I Saved?

Reformed Theology. Predestination. Divine election. Limited atonement. The doctrine of Adoption. Calvinism. The very mention of any of these words strikes fear into the hearts of most of Christians in the Bible belt. Churches are split by this debate over how God saves. Is… Continue Reading “How Am I Saved?”

Do You Really Know Him?

I can actually remember playing T-ball when I was a kid. I remember the feeling more than anything else.The feelings of excitement, anticipation, and finally disappointment. Let me explain. When my parents had first mentioned playing baseball, I was so excited. I had seen baseball on… Continue Reading “Do You Really Know Him?”

Satan’s Pulpit

I want you to think of someone in your life that you love with all of your heart. Maybe its a family member such as a parent, sibling, child. or even a spouse.  Lets use the example of a father. Now imagine the unthinkable…that some deranged person took… Continue Reading “Satan’s Pulpit”

It’s Not About You

Misunderstandings and disillusions of who Jesus really is in our society is the ultimate reason for people living out a false Christianity. As a whole, we know what we’ve seen from television preachers and from the basic Bible stories we’ve grown up hearing. Who… Continue Reading “It’s Not About You”

Obama’s Roman’s 1 Platform

There are some things that you just dont mix together. Oil and water, fire and ice, or an alarm clock and Saturday morning. One of the biggest of these taboos in our culture is religion and politics. You could even take it a step farther… Continue Reading “Obama’s Roman’s 1 Platform”

By The Power of Greyskull….

One of the best things about raising boys is their never-ending depth of imagination. One day Andy and Lincoln might be Batman and Robin, running around the house in their underwear and a blanket tied to their back, and the next moment they will be Power… Continue Reading “By The Power of Greyskull….”

Walking in The Desert

I think there is a part of the human brain that doesnt fully develop until we reach our mid twenties. Its that part of the brain that has to do with common sense and reality. Therein, lies the reason that in our teenage years, for… Continue Reading “Walking in The Desert”

Santa Claus or Saint Nick?

Imagine for a moment that ever since you were able to walk, your daddy took you fishing at this huge lake not far from your house. This was a weekly thing. You loved fishing at this lake. As you grew older, this was just… Continue Reading “Santa Claus or Saint Nick?”