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Not Fair

My two oldest boys love each other, except when they are together. Our four year old Lincoln wants to do everything his big brother Andy, age six does. If Andy is not with Lincoln, he wants to know where Andy is so he can… Continue Reading “Not Fair”

Distorted Obediance

Growing up, my parents were not strict, as long as we were obedient to what they asked of me and my brother. When my dad told us to clean our rooms, that meant an inspection of how well we had followed orders was soon… Continue Reading “Distorted Obediance”

Who Defines Friendship: Facebook or God?

I love listening to my grandfather talk about his younger days. One of the coolest things is to hear my grandaddy talk about his school days. He will talk about things they did, and mischief he and his friends got into. One of his… Continue Reading “Who Defines Friendship: Facebook or God?”

Are Your Sins Justified?

Imagine for a moment that you discovered your closest loved one is addicted to a very strong drug. And if this loved one continued using this drug, it would eventually cost them their lives. Doing your best to intervene, you convince them to check… Continue Reading “Are Your Sins Justified?”

Laborers of Wheat

There is just something revitalizing about the word harvest. It’s a time of new beginnings. For the farmer, it has always marked an end to the hardships of sewing a generous crop. Days and months are spent plowing fields. If the farmer is lucky,… Continue Reading “Laborers of Wheat”