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The Impact of the Resurrection

Next Sunday we will conclude our expositional study through the book of James at Christ City Church. I have had the privilege of preaching verse by verse through this epistle each week, and the Lord has used it to to open my eyes to… Continue Reading “The Impact of the Resurrection”

Spiritual Adultery

My life looked totally different before I married my wife. I was single and living the life of a bachelor. In college, I stayed out as late as I wanted, I dated around without getting into a serious committed relationship with anyone, and I… Continue Reading “Spiritual Adultery”

The Lie of Divorce and Beauty of the Gospel

Octavius Winslow once said that of all the idols, man finds the worship of himself the hardest one to abandon. Marriages are under extreme attack in our world today. And the root problem is two fold. First, there is a wide spread lack of… Continue Reading “The Lie of Divorce and Beauty of the Gospel”

Beautiful Scars; Hope For Hurting Marriages

Towards the end of last week, I sat in my office, numb with disbelief. Within 48 hours, I had received news that two different couples who are dear friends of ours were having serious marital troubles. In both cases, there were outside influences involved.… Continue Reading “Beautiful Scars; Hope For Hurting Marriages”

Jesus is Our Worth

When you are a pastor, pressure and anxiety can come in numerous forms stemming from many varying circumstances. Preaching the funeral of an unsaved person, or delivering a sermon in front of a larger than normal audience both rank at the top of the list. Not… Continue Reading “Jesus is Our Worth”

The Self Reliant Preacher

Preaching is not something that requires skill so much as it requires faith. As soon as I knew that God had called me to be a preacher of His precious word, I became a connoisseur  of sermons. I couldn’t get enough of listening to… Continue Reading “The Self Reliant Preacher”

Cultural Christianity or True Christianity?

There is a disconnect between most of modern day Christianity in our culture and Biblical and Historical Christianity. I really began to be bothered by this extreme many years ago. I was raised in the church. Taught the scriptures. And had an understanding that Jesus Christ… Continue Reading “Cultural Christianity or True Christianity?”

Why Water, Wine, Fish, and Loaves?

We live in a postmodern culture, now more than ever. The postmodern world view is built upon and supported by the assumption that there can be no absolute truth in the universe.  Everything boils down to individual opinions, therefore truth is ever-changing and completely… Continue Reading “Why Water, Wine, Fish, and Loaves?”

A Pastor’s Challenge To You

“The real test of our worldview is seen in what entertains us.” -Al Molher This can also be said of our view of God. That in which we find our pleasure tells us much about how we personally view God. It is quite easy to… Continue Reading “A Pastor’s Challenge To You”

The History and Idolatry of Decisionism

The great news of the Gospel is that we have a God in Christ who supernaturally saves sinners. One of the clearest pictures of the relationship between the preacher’s responsibilities in evangelizing and God’s bringing sinners to new life can be seen in the… Continue Reading “The History and Idolatry of Decisionism”