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The Prison Called Sin

There is a prison called sin, and it’s captives are many. It lies to the inmates, whispering that true fulfillment can only be found behind its iron doors. And the only way this prison can contain the lie is to board up all of… Continue Reading “The Prison Called Sin”

Understanding Love and Marriage

I have been married to my wife Lacy for fifteen years this past June. She is without a doubt one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given me. We’ve had our ups and downs. There has been laughter and tears. But through it… Continue Reading “Understanding Love and Marriage”

Our Greatest Hope; God is Primarily For God

Once of the greatest fallacies that we as professing Christians make is to assume that God is like us. When a person is not firmly grounded in the Word, it becomes the default mode to create images of God that are based on our… Continue Reading “Our Greatest Hope; God is Primarily For God”

Faulty Versions of God

Our thoughts about God are shaped and forged throughout life. The question is what is it that is molding our perceptions of God?  I imagine that most Christians would say without questions that our ideas regarding who God is and how He is to… Continue Reading “Faulty Versions of God”

The Dangerous Doctrine of ‘The Shack’

When we think of false teachers leading people astray, we tend to picture leaders of Satanic or overtly pagan religions prophesying about their differing Gods. However, the attacks of Satan on the church of Jesus Christ is much more subtle than this. All throughout… Continue Reading “The Dangerous Doctrine of ‘The Shack’”

Transforming Wisdom

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is cognitive. It is information received and stored in our heads. Wisdom however, is knowledge lived out. Wisdom is knowledge put to action. If I were to tell you that running a marathon was exilerating,… Continue Reading “Transforming Wisdom”

God Centered Resolutions

January is known world wide as a month of new beginnings. Each year, people from all over the globe make new commitments, vows, and resolutions to achieve, attain, or aspire towards a certain goal. Unfortunately, if we as humans are defined by anything, it… Continue Reading “God Centered Resolutions”

The Top 5 Lies Christians Believe

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade of my life contemplating the mysteries of the Lord. When Christ saved me in my early thirties, I noticed two immediate changes within myself. First, a crushing brokenness over my sins to the point which I… Continue Reading “The Top 5 Lies Christians Believe”

Overcoming Spiritual Drought

The human body is an amazing creation. It’s in the little moments of life that I am often amazed at the intricate design of God. Last night when arrived home, my four boys met me at the door with grins on their faces and… Continue Reading “Overcoming Spiritual Drought”

The Impact of the Resurrection

Next Sunday we will conclude our expositional study through the book of James at Christ City Church. I have had the privilege of preaching verse by verse through this epistle each week, and the Lord has used it to to open my eyes to… Continue Reading “The Impact of the Resurrection”