Weekend Roundup (4/06/18)

Each weekend, I will be posting a Weekend Roundup in addition to my regular weekly blog posts. The Weekend Roundup will be a summation of internet links to the weeks best articles and videos from other Christ centered ministries. It is my prayer that the Lord would use these posts to aid you further into your love, adoration, and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In the video below, Todd Friel of Wretched Radio gives an in-depth review of the new movie “Paul; Apostle of Christ.

Creeds, Confessions, Catechisms, and Covenants in Corporate Worship — “Why should Baptist churches use the historic, ecumenical, orthodox creeds in corporate worship? These creeds provide biblically faithful and understandable defenses and explanations of the Trinity, the hypostatic union of Christ, and other central tenets of the Christian faith.”

Hearts Set Aflame with Certainty of the Resurrection — “A Christian is not a skeptic. A Christian is a person with a burning heart, a heart set aflame with certainty of the resurrection.”

10 Most Significant Discoveries in the Field of Biblical Archeology — “Here are the ten most significant discoveries in the field of biblical archaeology.”

Six Things Every Christian Needs to Know About Sanctification — “Though oft-neglected, understanding sanctification is vital for a thriving Christian life.”

Change the Way you Think About Weakness — “Christian Hedonism changes the way you think about disability and weakness.”


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