Weekend Roundup (4/13/18)

In this brief video clip, Dr. John MacArthur and Dr. R.C. Sproul discuss the true purpose of the church. The church is not primarily for unbelievers, but for the edification and building up of the saints so that they may be equipped to go out into the world and reach those who do not believe. The church is for the sanctification of the body, not for the entertaining of the world.

When Ball Becomes Baal — ” Have you considered that you may be teaching your kids to worship sports?”

In My Place Condemned He Stood –“If on the cross as Jesus died, the wrath of God was not satisfied, how was it then appeased?”

Your God is Too Small — “Unbelief is a withering sickness that ultimately destroys faith. And what is the remedy? Waiting on the Lord.”

Is the Bible Enough For Us? — “The sufficiency of Scripture means that the words of Scripture are, and have been throughout salvation history, ample revelation from God for people to know him savingly, answer life’s most important questions, and carry out his will in their lives.”

How The Church Gets Justice Wrong — “Although God’s Word is not a manual for cultural transformation, good theology creates a horizon for reimagining our relationships with one another as well as with God.”

Predestination Destroys Legalism — “If salvation is by Christ ALONE, it leaves no room for boasting or trusting in ourselves, even a little. It strips us bare and forces us to abandon all hope in our own wisdom, will-power, efforts or rules.”

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