Weekend Roundup (5/4/18)


Todd Friel of Wretched Radio give us Ten Tests For Biblical Decision Making.

How To Get Wisdom; Become a Fool — “Divine wisdom is the perfect factual knowledge and the perfect situational insight and the omnipotent resolve that together will succeed in achieving his intended, righteous goals.”

Can We Really Trust the Bible if the Manuscripts Have Mistakes? — “The New Testament has been sufficiently preserved for us to be confident that we can recover the meaning that God intended and inspired in the original text.”

Are You Addicted to Your Phone? — “Take this short quiz provided by Tim Challies and find out.

How To Pray — “Lord, teach us to pray,” Jesus’s disciples asked. This simple prayer, which Jesus taught his disciples, can also show us how to talk with God in prayer.”

The Reality of Disappointment — “Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” To live is to be disappointed.”

Reflections on Singing with 12,000 People — “Last week, the night before Together for the Gospel began, someone asked Ligon Duncan what advice he’d give the first–time attender. He replied, “I come here to sing.”

Call Upon Me in the Day of Trouble — “A true incident in ‘the Battle of the Java Sea’ (27th February to 1st March 1942) in the experiences of Victor Hannaford, of Plymouth, England.”

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